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Quality Assurance

Swimming Lesson

We strive to ensure our highly skilled staff and affiliated partners meet the expected standards of professionalism across all operations in line with international best practice to ensure participants and facilities are safeguarded, age appropriate and delivered at the right level.

We verify all of our professionally qualified staff to the highest standards and check they are trained in first aid, safeguarding and health & safety.  We also carry out regular audits to ensure consistency and to identify any additional training requirements.

We can also provide a review of your current operations, carry out risk assessments and implement the necessary due diligence and policies and procedures which adhere to robust compliance requirements closely monitored via our quality assurance auditing procedures.


Oasis Community Sports follow a high standard of health & safety. All operations adhere to standard policies & procedures to ensure the safety of participants and usage of sports facilities.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist with tailoring policies to your organization.  You can also view the Oasis Community Sports policies here:

Health & Safety Training Policy

Risk Assessment Policy

Risk Assessment Template

Incident Reporting Policy

Emergency Procedures Policy

Child Safeguarding Policy

First Aid Policy

Audit & Inspections Policy

Internal Audit Checklist

Staff Code of Conduct

Resource Centre

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